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Problem with rugged terrain

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    Problem with rugged terrain

    I am having a problem with vertices of terrain. The best to describe it will be picture i guess.

    Smoothing it doesn't make any difference right now, so it looks like vertices are somehow "snapped to grid" in vertical dimension. It might be related to changing tessellation of wireframe, as I changed it after modelling terrain (I increased it). I also tried changing scaling in properties of terrain, however I would not like to change it as modelling my map took me a while.

    Is there any reasonable solution to it? I mean, I really need to make terrain perfectly smooth in some places, as it has to be a track for car simulation.

    Did you import a heightmap? Was it 16-bit or 8-bit if you imported one?

    What's your z-scale on the terrain?

    Is it Terrain or Landscape?