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How do you add layers to Landscape?

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    How do you add layers to Landscape?

    Hey. Basic noob question - I hope.

    How do you add layers to landscape?

    Now, before you say 'there are about 50 different guides online you could try'
    Wait! I know there are. I've spent the past week working and reworking them all.

    I can't get any of them to work.

    The end result is always the same, the layer materials all end up looking the same.
    I'll try naming my layerweight nodes differently and +adding layers with matching names, but to no avail.

    Maybe I'm not making the materials correctly? I have no idea.
    I was able to get terrain editor to work with terrain layers, but not landscape w/ landscape layers.

    Any advise is appreciated.

    Can you paste here screenshots of your material and landscape tool window ? It's hard to say what can be wrong.


      It works fine for me here. Screenshots would help diagnose your problem. Also which release are you using, since Landscape is constantly changing?



        Tried posting once before, but the post didn't show up for some reason. Trying again.

        Yeah I highly doubt it's a bug, I'm just doing something wrong and I can't figure out what.

        Sorry, the pics are kinda big. I think I'm using the latest version of UDK.
        Hope this helps.


          First what i know for sure u must have terrain coordinates separated for each text.sample, but let me give u the link where u will find everything u need to know about Build Fantastic Landscape, just check playlists on the right side...

          Hope tha link will help