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Importing pictures (as 2DTextures?)

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    Importing pictures (as 2DTextures?)

    Hi forum,

    I've just jumped into UDK so I don't know the majority of its features yet, but here's a problem I've run into. I'm trying to use a picture a friend gave me so I can base my level off it. I'd like to import the picture directly into UDK and place it on a panel-like surface so I can use it like a blueprint. However, the Engine won't allow me to import the file. I tried resizing it to 512x512 as this was the closest match, but no results. I also tried importing it as a '2DTexture' as the unevenly sized textures that are already in the Engine (such as the '__Deathmatch' texture) are using this format, but that too didn't help. Furthermore I tried importing the image as a BMP and a PNG to see if it was the file type messing things up. Then I tried first creating a material and then dragging the image onto it, but to no avail.
    The error I keep getting is simply 'Import failed'. I have not touched any import settings.

    I'm sure it's just something really simple that I've missed, but I can't seem to figure out what that simple thing is.
    Just for clarity's sake: I'm trying to import a picture, not a texture. I just want to place the image on a flat panel.

    I tried Googling, tried the forum search, tried finding a tutorial/topic in the official documentation, but came up with nothing. Sorry if this has been asked before and if I should have looked harder - please give me the link to the correct topic/location if this is the case.

    Thanks a bunch,

    Here's the pic.


    I've just resize it in InfranView to 512x512 and saved back to PNG (without transparent color). When you import images don't change any options you are not aware of. UDK should just import well, any required changes you can apply later on. Seeing you are new to UDK, once you got image inside the content browser right click on it and choose create new material. a black rectangle should appear next to it. Double click, and connect the top exit from texture sample to diffuse channel in material block.

    Also read this espacially tutorials about materials ^^

    The error "import failed" I always got when the dimensions weren't equal and/or a power of 2 value. I guess with some formats you will get more precise error (about this power of 2)


    P.S. I like this drawing, it's very nice ^^