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Emissive two part material

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    Emissive two part material

    So I have a material that is going to be placed on a bsp wall. almost all of the wall I want to be normal and be affected by surrounding lights but one little strip of the wall at the bottom I want to be emissive. Does anyone know how to do this? I split the part I want emissive off the rest of the material in photoshop and then put the two textures in udk and opened the material editor and placed in my two materials and just connected the top portion of the wall to diffuse and the emissive part to emissive. Well when I do that the emissive takes over the whole texture of both parts making the entire texture emissive. That isnt what I want. Can anyone help please? I dont want to model a seperate piece an add geometry to my scene to get the emissive effect if I don't have to, I want to make a two part material. Please an thanks for your advice!

    Use search pls ^^

    first read this->

    Then this ->
    And this ->
    and this ->

    Under the third link you have an example of making emissive material (example called a lamp), however i would recommend you to read all the topics to have an idea. Read also a flicckering lamp it might give you maybe some other idea for your map.

    Good Luck


      Thank you very much Sir, I did do a quick search, however it was 3am I was tired so I wrote out my issue and I really appreciate your reply! Lots of great info in those links! You're the man!


        Indeed. In the end a material is exactly what you make it be. You don't need to make it "out of several parts", just make each bit of it exactly what you need. Need one part of the texture shinier? Just make the specular of that part brighter. Need another out of an entirely different type of texture? Just draw the texture you need over the UVmap.

        There seems to be a lot of people recently who thinks textures is supposed to just be an entire material slapped onto an object. That's simply not how textures are done. You should make a unique texture (and other mappings) for each objects with all the details you need for that object.

        Edit: Not trying to say you've done that. Just giving my 2 cents. (Or pennies, in my case)