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Recording actor location

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    Recording actor location

    hello all.

    I have had someone give me some advice and for me to just have each gameplay relevant actor record its location and rotation in an array, and VLerp/RLerp back through them to rewind.

    So my question is how would i go about this? I want everything in the map to rewind except for the player.

    Any ideas?
    (btw I am no good with Uscript so a 3-step or so tutorial would be appreciated ^_^)

    I've been spending far too much effort trying to figure out a way to do this because of this question. I'm still trying things but it's getting complicated, and makes me think I'm doing more than I need to.

    What I've started doing is setting a looping delay (1 sec) that heads to a switch. The switch cycles its outputs to set the actor's current location to float variables. After so many are recorded, it then heads to set actor location starting with the last recorded position.

    Since set actor location moves the actor instantly, I had it compare the floats of the last two locations (x, y and z) and with another looping delay it would add or subtract 1 from the latest recorded position at a time, until it equaled the previous value.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how to get the looping delay that adds or subtracts one at a time to have a duration of a fraction of a second equal to the inverse of the distance between the actor's recorded positions. (effectively recreating the timing of the forward motion).

    But I hope this helps in some way.