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Wall running, howto?

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    Sorry to hear. So the event of player spawn didn't work? I tried it myself and it worked with player spawn and the "beginning of level" node on the level loaded object, but it didn't work when I connected it like yours. The reason it might not work with the "loaded and visible" node is because it might be trying to attach the camera to a player that hasn't fully spawned yet.


      With "beginning of level" it works better but let me ask you: the camera does a 90 degrees rotation and even though the player disappears at least I am walking on that wall. Now in the YouTube video on the "wall running" I've seen the player keeps walking on all walls including the ceiling, do I have to have several TriggerVolumes along each wall and ceiling?

      One thing I've noticed after I quit the game in the perspective view I cannot reset the camera to the real environment unless I key in the '~' key and then the camera settles down, I've never seen or read that the '`' key would do such a thing .

      Nevertheless I want to thank you for your help it seems that no one else is either interested or cannot contribute even though there are so far 396 viewers who read this it makes me think why someone at UDk would aat least have a comment on this thread.


        I'm not sure if there would be an easier way than using trigger volumes, but if you do use them then yeah you'll need to put them all over the place depending on when you wanted a camera change.

        The tilde key use is new to me as well.