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Skeletal Mesh/Physics Asset with Wind?

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    Skeletal Mesh/Physics Asset with Wind?

    Hey, I've got a one of those Chinese lanterns and I'm trying to make it look like it's moving about in the wind so does anyone know a way of doing this? or something else that makes it look like wind? I know I can do it with cloth but it doesn't look right.

    On someone said it's possible to do it with having a physics asset react by adding a NxGenericForceFieldBox into the level. I've also seen this:
    Originally posted by Yorchverine View Post

    I just rigged it all for use with rigid body KAsset setup, no cloth at all, and I used the forces and impulse actors to make them move as if it is wind, now its just a matter of tweaking the right settings so that it moves realistic. I wasnt aware of the force actors for rigid bodys until now.
    But I'm a pretty big noob when it comes to physic stuff and skeletal meshes, all I know how to do is Cloth but like I said, it doesn't look right.

    Thanks for the help in advance