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[Solved] Particle effect won't show above two different meshes at once

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    [Solved] Particle effect won't show above two different meshes at once

    Out particle effect for smoke and impact-crater (which comes after an explosion) bugs out when it is above two different meshes.

    Screenshot 1: This is the error. It wont cover both meshes.

    Screenshot 2: After the smoke effect is gone, the impact-crater effect seems to cover both, like it should.

    I would like it to cover both meshes all the time, like it does in the last screenshot. Does anyone know how I could fix it?

    Just in case, I will mention that the ground is also a static mesh, and the impact-crater effect and the smoke effect is created in the same particlesystem.

    Not really much you can do about that. A projectile decal will apply to what it hits, that's it. It's not a bug, it's how it's made.

    A projectile hits one target, unless you make your own and have make it do a couple of traces in an area or the area based trace (don't remember what it's called). But that would really just make it place multiple decals.

    I guess if you really want to fix it, you could do something like a five-point trace I suppose, and do one in the middle and one in each directions. The ones on the sides would apply a decal that's offset the same amount that they are offset from the center in the opposite direction, so that they all appear in the center, then do a condition to make sure they don't spawn one on top of the same object.

    Or at least I am not aware of any easy fixes.

    But IMHO it's far from worth it, nobody is ever going to notice it except you and maybe some other game developers.
    It's easy to trap yourself into spending all your time fixing minute things that nobody will notice in the end when you don't have a whole game base to work with.
    Trust me, when you have a playable game with a decent environment. Those things will not be obvious.


      It's very obvious in our type of game And it is in fact a particle effect, NOT a decal. The crater is actully hovering a little above the ground. Thats why I can't see why it won't appear properly..

      It also work properly when on the left and right side of the meshes, but not above each other as on the screenshot. It seems to be based on the camera direction. If I rotate the camera yaw around 180 degrees, then it's the other mesh which won't allow the particleeffect.


        It work from left to right:

        It won't work from top and down:


          I've tried to set Blend Mode on the material to BLEND_DitheredTranslucent (was Translucent earlier) and it seems to have fixed the problem. I have no idea why, though.