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LandScape Material Issue?

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    LandScape Material Issue?

    Alright I'm having some odd black spots popping up in my landscape material and I'm hoping you guys can help. Here's a picture showing the problem:

    And here's my Material:

    So what exactly do you think is wrong? I'm going to play around with it and see if I can fix it. Also, the material only shows normals if I have the Material open. Like if when i first open the map the landscape shows no normals in the material. But when I open up the material from the Content Browser they show, as long as the material's open. Any ideas? thanks guys!

    Without seeing a better version of your material setup I would say something to do with normals or maybe some fresnel values (detecting angles from the camera viewpoint)? Have you clamped everything to 0.0-1.0 where they could cause problems (e.g. negative values not being multiplied properly or too bright values being flipped to negative values, etc.)? Are your textures using proper settings (WorldNormal and so on, alpha channels enabled, etc.)?

    Not sure about the hidden normals problem. Does it work after closing the material editor? How about before and after building the level? Where is the material saved (package and so on)?