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SoundCues: Random - do not work

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    SoundCues: Random - do not work


    I have a problem with SoundCues in UDK.

    This is how this basic sequence:

    sounds when put to the map, after clicking Play From Here: (3rd second)

    These are status announcer countdown sounds: "One" "Two" "Three" etc.

    This SoundCue should be: "One" or "Two", but it's "OneTwo" after being added to the map - 'Add AmbientSound'.

    Another sequence:

    Just looping through random sounds. It sounds how it should sound in Content Browser-'Play Sound', but hear what madness it produces when added to the map:

    The sounds are OK in ContentBrowser and UDKGame, but not if you want to preview them in UDKEditor by Play From Here. What's wrong?

    I tested on diffrent versions: March-OK; July, September-Bug.

    Can it be fixed in any way, by choosing some option from menu or sth?



      Hmm, sounds like a problem with calling the cues. What is calling the sounds? Where is the timing between sounds?

      I guess it's hard for me to understand what you're trying to accomplish.

      I wouldn't use ambient sound for an announcer counting random numbers if that's what you want. I would do a looping delay with a playsound targeted to the player set at the delay you want the pause between counts. Every time it calls the cue it will pick a random one and one at a time.

      Also i dont think you need the looping node in that second pic if you go the playsound route.