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general help with performance when using meshes

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    general help with performance when using meshes

    hey i understand that epic games etc. all have badass computers but my specs are:

    processor - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3530 @ 2.80GHz

    RAM - 12gb

    64-bit operating system

    2x NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 graphics cards

    500gb hard drive with about 40gb left :P due to have many things on my computer.

    now i believe this should be good enough to run a heavyish level but i was wrong or am i doing something stupidly wrong.

    i have a level with a lot of static meshes, rocks, trees, and general foliage. my computer laggs so much...

    please someone give me a simple answer to this

    Do you have an image of this?

    My first guess is that all of the static meshes are different models - rather than optimising by re-using the more important meshes as instances. This can make a surprising difference in performance for little visual change.
    For instance, Epic have been known to use the Static Mesh models for rubble piles and scale them in the background as mountains.

    Similarly, are you instancing materials, or creating new ones for even slight changes?

    Have a peruse of the Level Optimisation Pages of UDN to see if there are any things that you could do to tweak your environment.

    Failing that, have you tried hitting your head against your desk? I find that helps with most problems.


      Your issue is probably the Quadros. These are not really suitable for working with real-time graphics, they're built to be offline graphics processors rather than real-time graphics sets. You'd be better off with a GeForce set.