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Science-Fiction level - need help, I have some Hard edge issues!

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    pain* . Hopefully by the end of 100 pages of Polycount u would have advance beginner knowledge atleast.


      Hi Hawk12Ht!!!
      thanks for your very awesome comment XD



        One thing I can suggest is to split your mesh up as little as possible when you unwrap it to a UV map. Also, avoid empty space as much as possible on your UV unwrap map...UDK does not like this in terms of lighting (creating seams), and lots of empty UV space can add to render time as it is inefficient.

        In UDK, check out your Unmapped Texels %, etc, if you go to:

        View > LightingInfo > Lighting Build Info

        There you can see what is taking up render time.


          Hi There!!!
          Hi TheWarlord25 Yeah I know that I was waisting space on the UVs!
          I didnt heard about the Unmapped Texels % and now I use it!!! really usefull, Thanks!!!

          I find the solution
          That was a problem of Uving the channel 2 (The channel for the light map)
          I just align all the vertex on the grid (I use texttool for that)
          Its hard to explain and here you can find the post thats help me

          I had a chamfer to the box and it help a lot to correct that too

          Thank you guys for your support