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Science-Fiction level - need help, I have some Hard edge issues!

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    Science-Fiction level - need help, I have some Hard edge issues!

    Hi There!
    I'm a real noob with UDK and I have a few questions.
    I try to find the answer on the UDK forum or in google and I didn't find something that can help.

    1. I have those artefacts when I build lighting in production quality :S

    2. When I bake the lightmap in UDK it create me 3 lod's and I would like
    to know where I can tweak the distance between those Lods and where I can delete those?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Creat a second set of UV's to use specifically for the light maps, make sure that all the edges fall on the grid lines within the UV editor for your modeling program. This should at least help with the lighting issues.

    I think that LOD's are done automatically by the engine, even when you've made the meshes. I'm sure some one will correct me if I'm wrong.


      Hi HellClown!!!
      Thanks a lot for your help!
      But The Uvs you see in the picture its in the uv channel 2 (I change the resolution of the picture then you can see easier ).
      And I put all the Uvs (Without overlapping) inside this bold black square grid :

      Thanks a lot, HellClown!
      (I dont know if you saw that you have 666 posts,
      and monday its Halloween!!! Scary!!! ).



        Have you tried building with production lighting, not preview? I found that it cleared up a lot of little shadow imperfections, it does take an age to build however!


          I think that the shadow artefacts are a result of the Ambient Occlusion settings in the engine.
          Are the edges where the artefacts occur part of the wall object? Or are they intersecting pieces of separate geometry?


            Hi There!!!
            Thanks a lot for your help guys!!!

            Hi NATO, the render that I did in the first post, I used as quality : Production.
            Yeah It took a long time just for 7 assets XD
            Its for that I dont understand why I still have this artifacts

            Hi SirCalalot! I disable the ambient occlusion!!! because I thinked that it was that.
            The picture in the first post I disable the ambient occlusion!
            And for the second option I think its a good point!!! I will try to create a model
            without this kind of intersecting pieces!!!
            Here a view of my mesh elements :

            Thank you guys for your help, I really appreciate it!!!


              Hi again!!!
              Ok SirCalalot I made my model without any intersecting mesh and it work!
              I still have some little artifacts upside but I think its because of the bounce of the lights
              going behind the mesh. But the quality is good enought!!!
              Here the last picture I did :

              Thank to you guys for your support!!!

              And I would like to know if somebody know how I can tweak the distance
              for the lightmap LODs because I have the Lod0 at 3 meters the Lod1 at 4 meters and the Lod 2 at 5 meters



                I'm glad I actually helped!
                Although I haven't played with light map LODs yet.


                  Hi There!!!
                  I have an new issue!!! Now With the hard edges!
                  I follow all the goods tutorials, tips on forums,...
                  But it didn't work :'( I spend my day on that and no way to get it work.
                  I post a detail of the options and way that I did it, and the result here :

                  Thanks you for your support!!!


                    Hi there!!!
                    I found something I did wrong but it didn't resolve the problem
                    Before I import the texture and I didn't tweak nothing when I import the texture in UDK XD
                    New way that I import the texture :

                    Now I have a problem with the seam (I will see in internet if I can found something on that),
                    But If somebody have an idea where that come from, it's really welcome!!!
                    And I still have the problem when I build the light with the smooth volume diseapering
                    Perhaps a too small map fpr the lightmap? (I will try that tomorrow).
                    here the picture :



                      You don't need to 'Defer Compression' to fix the Normal Map issue. All that does it leave the automatic texture compression until the program is asked to close.

                      Looking at your Normal Map, it seems to me as though it actually has a hard edge anyway.
                      Where you see the pink/greeny lines in the texture denoting the supposed curved edges, they are solid strips rather than soft colours blending into the blue as you would expect from a curved surface.

                      Edit: You could always disable static lighting for that object and keep it dynamically lit if it's a problem with Light Mass.


                        Hey SirCalalot!
                        Yeah, I think my normal wasn't well bake!
                        I did a new little test and I dont have the seam in the mesh viewport!!!
                        But when i build it distroy all
                        Here a picture :

                        And it cant be a Uvs problem (I divide all the faces and put a huge space between them)
                        or a too little resolution in the lightmap problem (512, its a staticmesh from max).

                        I think I will start working only with dynamique light but I plan to create a big
                        level and it will be really heavy :S
                        Thanks SirCalalot for your help !!!


                          Have you tried adjusting settings in the World Properties window?
                          Under the Lightmass heading, there is a Global Illumination section with some values you could tweak.

                          I'm thinking you could change the 'Indirect Normal Influence' value from the default 0.3 to 0.8 and see what effect that has.

                          There is a lot of helpful information in Chris Albeluhn's Lightmass Tutorial - which is where I usually refer to.
                          Hope that helps.


                            Hi SirCalalot!!!
                            I already tweak the 'Indirect Normal Influence' and it
                            didnt fix the problem
                            and I try to remove the spec and it work better but its not perfect
                            I try to put the shadow exponent less than 2 and it doesnt work,
                            and I try to change the Uvs channel 2 because perhaps the seam was between 2 pixels :
                            here the test UVs :

                            Nothing work!!
                            cant understand :'(
                            and I keep trying...

                            thanks SirCalalot for your help I really appreciate it!


                              hmm Hi, dont wanna be paing for you, but u need to srsly read a lot of pages on Polycount and forums for understanding how Normal works. Judging by ur questions its apparant u have no idea what s going on. Dont get me wrong, but in art there is always learning curve and no one right way. So here is ur learning material