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"Local" Position offset

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    Figured it out.
    In case anyone else was curious it was as simple as adding a Transform expression with source as world and destination as local.

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    "Local" Position offset

    I am wondering if anybody has ever done anything like what I am trying to do now.

    I set up a material that utilizes the World Position Offset. I use vertex color to adjust the "waviness" of the vertices.
    The problem I got is that (obviously) the waviness is in world space, meaning if I copy and rotate the object the movement no longer moves in the same direction from the object.
    I could always repaint the object but I am trying to set it up so that people can easily copy and move the objects around once they are painted.

    So I am trying to find a way to make the offsets move in local space. Is that even possible?

    Thanks in advance!