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terrain randomly became invisible

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    1: Top left-hand corner, look for the 'Modes' tab. Go through 'Show' and make sure that 'Terrain' is checked.

    2: Try searching for the terrain actor by clicking on the binoculars icon up top. Inside, click on the actor, click on properties below to bring up the property window. Scroll through the 'Rendering' tab and make sure 'hidden editor' is not checked.

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  • started a topic terrain randomly became invisible

    terrain randomly became invisible

    hi i have created some terrain and have been using it for a while, editing it etc. and have meshes on it and its been fine, but for some reason, i turn udk on today and the terrain has dissappeard but the meshes are still there... now the actual terrain is still there because it shows up in the terrain editor and the layers are exactly the same and also when i move the editing cursor where i have lifted parts, you can see that the terrain is there but just not showing up... if this makes sense, please anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!