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Lightmass and Level Streaming

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    Lightmass and Level Streaming

    i'm aware that theres numerous threads about this subject as i do know how to use the search function. most havent been answered or even given any kind of nod towards the right direction.

    when using the kismet functions to stream a level into another level the lightmass seems to change dramatically, the pictures below are with different types of lightmass builds but produce basically the same problems. this isn't so much a of a problem when streaming individual levels but using something such as the pawn in persistant and streaming the different levels causes it to look out of place.

    they've removed self contained lighting and i dont want to have to replicate kismet code or prefabs over multiple levels.

    i want the streamed level to look like the persistant level but when streamed any kind of actors within the streamed creates this glow.
    all lighting is contained with the there own level no other levels are visible.
    so why does level streaming produce undesirable results?