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    danimal' and co. had some problems with the scale when they started their space sim. I think the ended up scaling all values down to 1/4th the normal size, this effectively quadrupled the area they have to work with. You could try sending him a message if you're wanting a larger area.

    As for file size, I don't know that there is any kind of reachable limit.


      Alright nice knowing that the limit is that big. Thanks


        I think I remember the physical size being 90 square miles in relation to the character size. As far as file size goes you could probably make almost anything work with the right streaming. Just break it up into smaller parts that only appear when the player can see them (ie. areas closed off by doors do not need to be loaded right away, areas off in the distance can use a distance/fog effect to cover them up, etc.) Use a Streaming Volume for that. It's not too complicated if you're used to using volumes and will make your level work a lot better regardless of it's size. I've seen Fallout run on a 2ghz PC with 2GB of RAM and a 512 MB graphics card just fine and that's a huge map. Granted the models in Fallout are all relatively low poly by comparison to a lot of other games but you get the idea.


          Ive got myself a 8km square using the landscape tool, its at max component size and runs fine on my I5, 8gb ram GTX 560ti, wouldnt bother using this with the terrain tool when scaling up you lose far too much detail, ive imported topography from DEM then cut it down to 8km imported it then scaled the display size to .9 to give more polys per area, i can post a vid if you would like to see it in the editor!


            In the past I imported a 8192x8192 landscape including about 8 weight maps. Importing a map of 4096x4096 pretty much fills the playable area which is about 10.5km IIRC. So when importing the 8192 landscape, you couldn't walk outside the playable area still but it could work as a backdrop, so long as you're still able to work on the out of bounds area.

            Obviously, you can adjust the world scale by half or a quarter giving you 20km or 40km squared, and if you ask me that's pretty **** big compared to a lot of existing game worlds.


            Interesting to see the actual size of game worlds. So at the default scale a UDK map would be about a mile bigger than FarCry 2. When i first played San Andreas years ago, i thought it was huge. But compared to Just Cause 2
            Just shows that with some nice world building you can give the illusion that the world is huge when infact it is not.


              20km2 is 4 times 10km2


                Regarding maximum dimensional size:

                The engine world extents is fixed at 524288 units, with a default engine scale of 1 unit = 2cm.
                This gives a maximum world size cube of 10.48576km by 10.48576km by 10.48576km.

                If you use half-size-scale on all of your asset design, which is the smallest size recommended, the scale is 1 unit = 4cm, or a maximum world size cube of 20.97152km by 20.97152km by 20.97152km.

                Regarding maximum map size in MBs:

                There really isn't a set limit value in this respect.
                If a map is using numerous assets from external packages the sum total of all loaded assets can easily exceed 300MB.
                Video adapter texture pool limits, video buffer fill rates, and material shader complexity are usually the performance limiting factors.


                  I think that after you run out of space in the map you could just scale everything down and mess around with player speed, gravity and everything. In this case it's quite endless.


                    As I stated in my reply above, you can only go down to about 1/2 scale, which is a world size of 20km ^3.
                    With special design you may get down to 1/4 scale, which is a world size of 40km ^3.
                    Trying to go smaller than this starts getting glitchy as players will fall out of the world, collision will miss, etc.
                    So it is not endless.