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How to make Kismet Actions affect other players?

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    How to make Kismet Actions affect other players?

    So far all I've been able to achieve in kismet is changes to THE player, but not other players (in a multiplayer environment)

    Where I have something like this for example;

    I want the Set Mesh to only set the mesh of the one who touched the trigger, not me and not everyone in the server.
    how do I do this?
    please help,

    this forum is never helpful


      Instead of using Player 0, try using 'All Players' --- Hold down 'P' and left click, in the Kismet window, or right click -> new variable -> Player -> Player.

      And, I'd also advise not to get so discouraged! You'll find that if you rely on these forums to get an answer for everything you want to know / do, you'll spend the valuable time refreshing forums, instead of trying to figure it out on your own.


      I re-read the original post (it's kind of confusing) and are you trying to make it so the kismet event is only triggered by the person who touches it, or are you trying to make it so once it's triggered, it effects everyone?


        Clear the Player0 out of the variable so it just says "???"