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    Set mesh group invisible

    I'm using FBX mesh format ( exportet from Blender 2.59 ) for static meshes in my project, so I build my level walls and collision meshes that are arround the walls now in UDK mesh editor I setup simple collision volumes for collision meshes, now I wish to hide my collision meshes in gameplay. So I wish to have that collison meseh inside the level to ensure proper collision but I don't wish to render them, how I can achive this.

    I don't think you entirely understand how collision meshes work. When you export them properly (ie, with the visible geometry they're supposed to accompany and named UCX_(sameobjectname) then they should not render by default.

    That said, if you wanted to have an invisible object to mark places where you couldn't go, I suppose you could set "Hidden" in its properties dialogue (right click the mesh and you will see properties)


      Thanks I see one tutorial for Blender where user export mesh into the ASE format and then he setup collision meshes names with UCX_ suffix , I try this with FBX but it dind't work, I have my imported mesh but in mesh editor inside the UDK I dont see collision on UCX_ named mesh, so I was export my scene again as FBX mesh format and then I manualy setup collisions for every collision mesh .

      I just try and hidden property works fine, thanks again


        Originally posted by utech View Post
        EDIT: I just try and hidden property works fine, thanks again
        This is not the ideal way to create collision for your meshes. While it will work, it may add increased redering strain (even though it's invisible to the player, it's not invisible to the engine???)

        To create custom collision, check out this tutorial for the basics. In Blender, create meshes that are it's on object and name them "UCX_1", "UCX_2", or something similar. It needs to have "UCX_" and then some letters or numbers.

        These need to be selected when you export your mesh. After they are imported, in the static mesh editor, select the "view" menu then "collision" It should list the number of primitives (UCX mehses) and show you them around your meshes.

        Remember to not let the UCX touch other UCX meshes (keep them at least 1 unit apart) and they need to be concave in shape.