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Newbie Here - What are your methods for static meshes?

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    Newbie Here - What are your methods for static meshes?

    Evening all,

    I only discovered a few weeks ago, to my amazement, that some of the most powerful game tools in the world are readily
    available to any aspiring developer. Since then I've spent every waking hour immersed in tutorials and getting to grips with some
    of the basics.

    For the purposes of practice at making a short thriller type game I found a website that offers 3d models (archive3d) that would
    look great for scenery, but getting my head around implementing them nicely with corresponding materials in UDK is a daunting task. I was just wondering if some of you folks would be willing to divulge a little on how you get your static meshes into the game without textures stretching all over the place or simply not appearing. Or will it do me a whole world of good to scrap the idea of using 3d models that weren't designed for game engines in the first place? I can never seem to get unwrapping UV maps down properly and using the 'Multi/Sub-Object' function in 3ds max is fine as long as I'm in 3ds max; when I move the model over to UDK the material sizes and positions are completely different...

    Thanks for reading!


    Hey Machinist,

    3D Motive have some good free videos

    So does Eat3d

    and WOLD has a full library of Maya and UDK tutorials to get you on your way.

    Good luck!