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Creating a smashable roof tile on impact

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    Creating a smashable roof tile on impact

    I am after some help on how I could get a roof tile to fall down, and when it hits the floor it needs to smash.

    I have tried the tile as an ApexDestructableAsset, but I can only trigger this by shooting it, and it explodes into all the fragments instantly.
    I have also tried a fractured mesh, but can't get this to work either.

    Have been thinking that I may be able to get this working as a particle effect, but think that there must be an easier way using the physics of UDK.


    Have you tried using a fractured mesh?


      I have yes. I can't get that to work either. Going to try using Kismet to see if that will work.

      Thanks for the reply.


        After getting confused by Kismet, and not having the time just yet to start learning that, I have decided to use particles.

        For anyone who is interested I have so far setup a Mesh Data emitter that drops my roof tile mesh. Using the Collision module I kill the tile when it hits the ground. I then have an Event setup to spawn a dust effect in the location the tile was killed. I am in the process of adding another Mesh Data emitter for the tile fragments. Think this should work for what I need.