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    game performance

    hi all, just had a look at performance for my game so far. as expected wasnt very good.

    i used the profile and console stats as the UDN tuts describe. i had a section in my level using loads of interp actors ,sounds etc so thought it would be a demanding spot of level to test. the results were quite good in the sense all the madness in the level wasnt causing problems. what is a good target to aim for for ?. is below 20 ms good ? should it be lower ?
    so i think the script amount ok ?

    the frame rate wasnt good tho 25 i looked at shadows and everything in my level was creating dynamic shadows oops:}. since the profiler test i have removed all non needed dynamic shadows and frame rate is 60-75 thru out whole i need to re do the profiler test or will it get same results?

    iam hoping that frame rate is main goal? , my pc is not good so assuming 60+ on mine will be higher on most gaming pc.:} yes i use xp 32bit and old amd dual core.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    does anyone know what the limits are ?/guide lines for good performance.

    ie 8ms and 60+ fps.

    i assume for single player games it can higher up to 20 ms or more ?

    online multiplayer games would run better with lower delay times?

    ive no idea and would hate to make something unplayable apart from in test senerios.

    iam a sucker for post processing so eat loads of cpu with that.and no doubt my materials are way to fancy in terms of adding shaders for fun. then theres my sounds all huge wavs.

    am i at the limit ? should i start backing it off with regards to resources or am i good and no need to worry yet if frame rate is good?

    thanks .


      There isn't really any guidelines as such (not that I know of anyway), but the more machines your game runs on, the more people will be able to play it =]. So keep that in mind with the frame rate.

      I'd keep abusing your computer till it chugs to be honest, just remember though that putting in more stuff isn't always going to make the map better, look at deck for UT realistically it's pretty simple, but the game play on it is really good . And the idea of a game is to get it to as many people as possible, so making sure it runs on a wide variety of machines is pretty key to spreading the game.


        thanks for your reply .

        yep iam aiming for 60+ fps at all times.ive optimized shadows so thats np.

        the script delay thingy is my main concern because ive no knowledge of it. will triggers stop working if it gets above a certain number like 40 ms for example.

        the only time ive seen it was years ago in cod4 and i think it was 15ms on average in multiplayer, never checked stats in singleplayer so assume it would be higher for some levels. or is 15 -20 ms just the time it takes no matter how optimized.

        reason iam looking in to this is because i really like the game/level ive made so far and would hate for it to fall apart. i have so many ideas for it still.


          Hmmm good question, not really sure probably good if someone else answers that one.

          I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts affecting gameplay/performance, but again, someone who knows for sure would be better.