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    General project setup

    Hello dear UDK users and forum members I decide to open this thread in reason to help me and other new user in UDK to how setup and run project from a scratch in UDK.
    So first go first ,

    1: How setup ini files ( game ini , and engine ) in 2011-08 UDK version, I follow up some of tutorial around the web and many of them are outdated or incompleate , for some reason's UDK does not include named map into the default starup map, why I don't now ?
    I must mention that generaly Class and scripts are compiled , but nothing else not work.

    2: How can I setup my custom package that load on start ? I follow some suggestion, and I look arround the web for a help , but I don't find proper solution for that problem.

    3: How create more levels in one project, for example if my project have 7-8 levels how can I setup them in UDK ?

    I lost 2 days follow tutorials to how setup my project from scratch, and I failed, and I'm a little bit angry on all of this, why is this so mystical ?

    And it will be nice if there was any official members from Epic to read this and finnaly help new users in problems like this, or launch one tutorial to how start project from scratch.
    There is a lot's of tutorials around the web for how to use some part of udk but there is a few of them for how to start thing from scratch and they are outdated.

    Please help