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Looking for review on a room

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    Looking for review on a room

    I'm throwing this room together to practice using the editor as I get back into using UDK. I need a review, I know this could go in WIP but its not really even ready for that its just a test room. I need some tips on level design and creation. I was originally going to throw torches on the walls and maybe a chest of some kind and a big door at the top of the stairs but I wanted to do something with the stone and get some green from the plants in too. I haven't created the roof yet either so I can't decide if I want to try to make it something with a ray of light coming in or just a flat or slightly bowed top. Any ideas on what I can throw in the room or do to it?


    room looks ok , which is what you sense looks like an average room in any game.

    the overall look isnt inspiring tho . you could add another 300 static meshes/decals etc and it still wouldnt be wow. its a very tuff thing to do, i think is more artistic based then science. you can build maps using theory but ultimately you can put as much detail as you want in to the maps and they still look dull and lifeless where other ones with just a handful of textures and models can have atmosphere.
    base your theme/style on the game view , iam making a top down game so only need whats in camera view and what looks good from that angle.
    use where /what your player will be doing as a guide for placement of objects so they naturally block things off or give routes to action. making something real life scale or look doesnt meen good gameplay in alot of senerios. take your control system in to account so the player moves freely around the map and can take advantage of any abjects for jumping/cover etc.

    dont be afraid to tile static meshes or textures, yes it looks bad in editor but with good placemnt of objects and decals you can hide them ingame depending where your player will be in action/focusing.

    have a play with the post process settings to get an overall feel you like, edit the materials even use shaders etc. you can totally change the look and feel of a map. find something you like and run with it.

    hope my suggestions help, iam pretty new to UDK is my 2nd attempt . first time round i spent hours building small detailed maps that had no sense a room with 3 boxes can provide as much gameplay as a fully detailed room containing 3 objects useful for cover.
    for things to have the feel of depth you have to have layers. simple example , make a patch of grass, seems lifeless , add a wall behind it 1 layer , add a building behind the wall 2 layer. add some distant hills behind that 3 layers.
    the more layers the player has in their view the more depth is percieved.3d skybox 101 :}


      It's okay, just missing something.

      The aesthetic/props don't really seem to fit? If that makes sense. Fire's would be good, I'm guessing you're going for an Egyptian ruins based on the wall so it wouldn't have conventional lighting, unless the player is an explorer so there might be a lantern? Good lighting could make or break the map as well, try point lights for the fire or a directional light if shining through a window. Dynamic lighting/shadows are aresome they can make a plain room come to life.

      When I start designing a level I think of an aesthetic or story behind it first. I'd start by thinking of context. If you're telling a story then WHY is the player there? If you want to make an interesting environment then think about the setting in terms of what you think might look cool or be interesting.

      After you've decided on the setting think of what it should look like, is it dark or light? are there traps or does it give freedom of movement? Is it a small room (generally fast paced) or a large open field (slower pace)?

      Hope I've been helpful


        #4 first thoughts are, whats the rooms purpose? where is it going? You've added a nice stair case there to expand further.
        If your looking for tips on level design i'll cut to the chase and guide you to a humble yet i find to be an amazing site all about the foundations of level designing/environmental artist
        Its changed alot of how I go about approaching level design.


          I would say that the painting on the wall is a nice touch. The stairs and plants belong outside. Maybe to a temple that this room is meant to represent. The doorway is actually neat. It has a non planar surface, which from the looks of it, is very appealiing. The texturing is good, but the room is overall bland. I would not use stacks of papers scattered about in a post mayan room, the paintings would be more, random, and over all of the walls, maybe dimly lit with a few torches to give the room the warmth that it deserves.


            I would have to agree with Warrior_For_God, and say why does this space exist? Something that should help out is to try and tell a story with it. Is it suppose to be new, people living there, or old and being discovered. if you have damaged walls/ceiling really take a look at source photos online of damaged buildings to get a better sense of how it would actually come apart.