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making a trampoline (tutorial)

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    making a trampoline (tutorial)

    Hi all --

    I've written up a tutorial on making a simple trampoline in Kismet, as a thank-you for all the help and support I've gotten here while working on my game.

    o In your level, place a static mesh as an InterpActor where you want the trampoline to be.
    o Make sure the InterpActor's collision is set to Touch All or Touch All But Weapons.
    o Select the InterpActor.
    o In Kismet, create a Touch event for the InterpActor (right-click -> New Event Using InterpActor X -> Touch).
    o Add a Set Physics action (right-click -> New Action -> Physics -> Set Physics). In its properties, set New Physics to Rigid Body.
    o Copy the Set Physics action, so you now have two. In the second one, set New Physics to Falling.
    o Move the second Set Physics action a bit to the right; you're going to put another action in between the two Set Physics actions.
    o Add a Set Velocity action (right-click -> New Action -> Actor -> Set Velocity). In its properties, expand Velocity Dir. Leave X and Y set to 0. Set Z to 3000. Also set Velocity Mag to 3000. Put the Set Velocity action between the two Set Physics actions.
    o Add a Player variable (right-click -> New Variable -> Player -> Player). Connect it to the Target of both Set Physics actions, and to the Target of the Set Velocity action.
    o Connect the Touch event output to the first Set Physics action input.
    o Connect the output of the first Set Physics action to the input of the Set Velocity action.
    o Connect the output of the Set Velocity action to the input of the second Set Physics action.

    You now have your trampoline. You can play with the Z and Velocity Mag numbers to achieve the height you want.

    Enjoy, and thanks again.

    thanks works great. also you can set the physics to flying then trigger falling which allows a flying section to levels.

    has added a new element to my top down shooter. thanks.


      Glad it was useful.

      Yeah, you can play with all kinds of physics options and see what you get. This is just a baseline at which to start.