I have a bunch of prefabs that contain an interpactor with an animated material instance. I want to be able to animate these material instance individually. I'm looking for an efficient workflow for handling a few dozen of these individual prefabs.

Here are the methods I've tried:
- Manually override the material inside each prefab. This works but is a huge pain in the *** to manage when you start to have quite a few of those prefabs. It's really hard to track which ones have correct overrides and changes to the underlying prefab can force you to redoing all overrides.

- Referencing the material in an unique material instance actor. This should allows the prefabs to stay the same and just take the material from the external actor, like this:

This works for the matinee inside the prefab, but I seem to be unable to apply this material to the interpactor from kismet. There is no error, but it isn't applied either. If I could get this to work it would still require some work per prefab, but it would be a lot more manageable.

Ideally I would like to come up with a completely self-contained solution within the prefab, but I'm not sure if that is possible. So if someone has an idea how to make that second solution work (or a completely different way of solving this) it would already help me a lot.