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    Alternatively, you could not render any of the geometry at all, and render your lines with particle beams. Your mesh may then not need to contain anything other than some bones?

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    you might tweak your geometry to look the way you want
    - you have to create super thin polygons over "visible edges"

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    Thanks for your reply ffejnosliw. So you think that it could be achievable using materials?

    Would you have any pointer as to where to start, or an idea of a method to do so? I haven't seen anyone attempting to do that in UDK. Someone wrote a mesh based solution for Unity, it's called Vectrosity. But I haven't seen any equivalent for the UDK (and I'm not sure about the performance you'd get doing so).

    If anyone can think of how to create such a material, please feel free to chime in.


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    The engine only deals with triangles. All meshes are triangulated upon being imported if not already triangulated as far as I know. So those really are edges and there is no easy way to differentiate the ones you want versus the ones you don't. I'm guessing you'll need to devise a material/UV based solution.

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  • started a topic Feature Request

    Feature Request


    Ive been trying to emulate the look of old vector based game such as Battlezone for months now. Unfortunately, using the wireframe shader type, it is impossible to achieve this look.

    The reason is that the edges inside the polygons are being rendered as well. I have now resorted to use texture based wireframe, but the results are underwhelming. Not as sharp and crisp as what you would get with real wireframe rendering (poly edges)

    This is achievable in Max and other software or plug-ins, but sadly, not in Unreal.

    Epic, could you consider for all of us lovers of retro style gameplay and games, the possibility to improve and add additional option in the shader parameters, so that we could be able to render on polygon edges, and not render the geometry inside each polygons?

    Being able to render in wireframe is great, but very limiting in terms of creativity and final look quality. Especially if we are trying to emulate vector based rendering. and to achieve this look, you just can't display the inside line of a polygon.

    I think that just by giving us control over the color of each of the elements would allow us to create the effect we need.

    They could be categorized in this way:

    Polygon False Edge (usually the edges found inside a polygon: Variable to set the color - This option could be available if someone actually wants to display the inner lines inside the polygon, with a color of his choice.

    Edge:Variable to set the color (the real edge of the polygon) - Same concept, but only for polygon edges. - User is able to define the color of the edge being displayed.

    Considering the current implementation of the wireframe shader option, I do not think it would be that hard to implement these requests.

    I really wish that you guys can make this happen. It would be very useful and would finally give us all a proper way to create vector type games.

    Textures sucks for this, they always become blurry and pixelated and are not clean enough to make it look real, or decent, for this style at least.

    And to my understanding and based on my experiments, this look would be impossible to achieve without code support...