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Dynamic Shadows from Spotlight

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    Dynamic Shadows from Spotlight

    Hi all! I was always curious about UE 3's lighting and shadowing methods and honestly I love all of them without an exception: old static, dynamic, new static with Lightmass etc.

    Recently I played Duke Nukem Forever (which I liked VERY much as a great comeback of good old Duke) and game's shadowing brought me back to one interesting thing about UE 3 that I'd like to know. (I'm pretty sure that DNF using Spotlights in-game instead of Pointlights)

    The question is: why UE 3's Spotlight produce all different dynamic shadows than Pointlight produce? I mean: try it out via UDK and you'll see that Dynamic Shadow cast from the object lit by Pointlight is getting harder when the object gets farther from the light source. Shadow edge becomes more crisp but it's ok 'cause IRL this is the way it goes!
    And what about Spotlight? Opposite to prev. case Dynamic Shadow gets softer! But why?

    For example when I put my hand opposite the flashlight the shadow from my hand is way softer than the shadow at the moment when my hand is near the wall. But speaking about the same situation in-game the shadow would be very crisp at the beginning which is not so realistic as I think...

    So please can someone tell me - is such a reverse of shadow quallity for the engine optimization? Or it can be modified via Editor?

    Great thank for your attention.

    P.S. DNF is a great game imo

    Anybody? Hello? My problem is so stupid?


      If you use lightmass shouldn't the light keep the same properties regardless of where you put it? Just a thought. I am still new to using LM


        Well, yeah. Directional Light properties are not associated with the position in space. This light affects the position of the shadows. Point Light and Spotlight have different behaviour so the shadow direction would be affected by the light position (as far as I know this can be achieved only when Dynamic Shadows are in use while Lightmass calculates static shadows).


          I remember in 3d buzz's tutorial, the Lighting part he just said so(the farther the softer of spotlight's shadows), so i guess this behavior is controlled by the source code...but anyway if u find any solution about this plz post it here 'cause i find this problem wired too...