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Cel shading in mobile

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    Cel shading in mobile


    i was just wondering whether there is a way to achieve cel shading in the mobile version of udk. i made a cel shader before in udk and it doesnt seem to work in the mobile version.

    i have also heard that there is a limit on the nodes you can use in the material editor of the mobile udk.

    is this true?
    can someone point me in the right direction?

    best way to do it is to duplicate your geometry and make it slightly "fatter", use black texture, unlit material and invert normals so they point to inside of your mesh
    that is how you will get ink lines (that's old way to do it - it was used in game XIII)
    as for shading of your material (to get sharp edges between lit and unlit parts) there are some solutions but those will kill your framerate (I played with it few months ago and then gave up because of performace)

    * since it's mobile and to reduce number of draw calls just set UVs of "shadow mesh" to some black pixel on your difuse texture

    for the rest of the "toony look and style" you should use some cartoony textures