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Scene Contrast Shader PostProccess

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  • Scene Contrast Shader PostProccess

    So I have been trying to get some contrast also brightness in dark areas. Screwing around with the default Uber postprocess chain didn't give me the results I wanted, so i just messed around with a shader to get my results.

    Maybe this is pointless to have but I'm posting it anyway : ]

    You can modify two parameters (create a Material instance of it, if you want ) which will adjust brightness and contrast of the scene.

    Overall brightness : brightens the scene but also doesn't really wash out the pixels

    Contrast : keep bright areas and darkens dark areas.

    Both of these can be used in conjunction to create a nice balance.

    Simply create a new Material Node in your post process chain or the default UTPostProcess chain and add this material in there.

    For more info : Menu

    Shader Node system

    Comparison examples.

    Default Values

    Brightness at 0.07

    Brightness at 0.3 Contrast 0.7

    Hope this is useful! Or someone expands on this : ]

    Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks, this is great. But I got some "improvement", if you use Vector params instead of scalar params, you have more control over the post process because then you can set brightness and contrast for each channel, which can give more interesting results, like specific color tones


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      Hey Thanks for the suggestion , I'll try that out.


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        That looks sweet mate, I'll have to try something like this myself.


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          This was helpful