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Brush Move or add. HOW!?!

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    Brush Move or add. HOW!?!

    I've surfed through the guides and can't find anything on how to move the brush. I can right click, left click and drag and it only moves the camera. I can't figure out how to add a new brush of the same shape, it keeps going back to the original brush and accidently modifing it.

    I really love this engine so far, but that is driving me crazy. I can't even spin the one that is selected. Is their a detailed section on the brush?

    This doesn't tell you how to ACTUALLY use it.

    To make a BSP surface (like a ground) with your red builder brush, you click CSG add and it gets made.

    To change the builder brush shape, right click in one of the shapes on the left of the screen, type the dimensions, and click "build"

    Click on the brush then press the space bar to cycle through Move, Rotate, and Scale.


      Also, when you use the builder brush to add a block to your level, the only way to move that block is select the brush around it, move it where you want (hit the space bar to get to the move tool) then at the top of UDK select Build -> Geometry for current level.


        Thank you. Never thought to hit my space bar. I have a mini level set up by going through the level builder tutorial. I made it to the point where you put a hole in the floor. I did all the steps in this tutorial without having to move the brush.

        Can you have multi cube brushes or just one brush of each type?
        UPDATE* I had to change the brush type in order to get it out of the hole. Weird.


          Since you've just started, I think you should check out
          They have some great hi-def video tutorials for free to get you started in the UDK.