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Smooth Group Seams

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    Smooth Group Seams

    Hey guys,
    I have a problem I did not get fixed. I have ugly seams on my static meshes along the UV Island-Seams. I searched different Forums, try out everything but no way. Here is what I tried:

    1. Export as .ASE and .FBX, export the smooth groups, didn´t worked

    2. Edit a second UV Map in a second UV Channel as Lightmap (3dsMax Channel 2, UDK Channel 1), yeah, he accept the map but now UDK build the seams along the lightmap UVs

    3. Played with the Indirect Normal Influence Boost in the World Settings, didn´t changed anything

    4. Pushed the Light Map Resolution of the static mesh in steps up to 1024, yeah, the seams get thinner but are ugly as before

    5. I´m shure it´s not the normalmap because I put a Material with just diffuse channel on it. Same Result. I import my normalmaps with the TC_Normalmap and TEXTUREGROUP_WorldNormalMap but he does it without the normals too so I exclude this as reason for the seams.

    6. Activated Full Precision UVs, no different.

    I have really no idear what to do. In the preview in the static mesh editor he shows it absolutly correct. The seams just appear after Lightbuilding. I fancy that the seams are better with dynamic/moveable lightsources.

    I hope anybody knows whats going on there and could help me please!