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    Checkout Eat3d's tutorial on Cascade which is the particle editor in UDK. Knowing that the particle editor is called Cascade, use it to search for other tuts (google, youtube) as well as UDN ( content.

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    FX Direction

    Im band new to the UDK and I figure since I know what specialty Id like to learn, that this would be the best way to do it.

    I want to do Game VFX. This is where Id like to specialize. Im getting this:
    and from there I would like to know what other advice or references anyone can advise.

    I am looking to be proficient in UDK, 3DSmax, After Effects and Photoshop. Along with the Fume Plugin.

    Since Im so new, I am not completely sure how to start or how to progress. Can anyone that has gone down the same path inform me on what steps they took, how they practiced and some mistakes to avoid? Or any other advice would be appreciated as well.