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[.t3d import/export] special characters issue

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    [.t3d import/export] special characters issue

    Hi guys, let me describe you the situation:

    I want to import a lot of assets created on a external software at once and place them at specific positions. The best way to do it seems to be the t3d file format. I have a script that writes my .t3d files, it works correctly.

    Problems begin here: I have '[' and ']' characters in my assets files name, and I would like to keep them. (They are used to describes many things, so for example: asset[A][A]1.fbx, asset[A][B]1.fbx and so one)

    We can import assets with those characters (and others such parenthesis, etc). They are available in the content browser, we can drag'n drop them to the map, almost everything works.
    But when exporting a .t3d with such an assets, and then reimporting the obtained .t3d file, the import process doesn't work. The Static Mesh is created, but the Static Mesh Component doesn't contains anything.

    So I have a few questions:
    • Is there a way to go beyond this special characters limitation?
    • Is there an exhaustive list of characters that are allowed or not? I have read that we should only use alphanumeric characters and '-' & '_', but I didn't manage to find any official documentation or topic about it.
    • If those special characters prevent assets to be loading properly, why is this permitted to use them in assets name anyway? (I'm not trolling, true question)

    Hmm ok let me help you
    When importing things you need a mature index system for the engine to interpret
    And the 1 you are using is inapplicable and to simple making it to complex to verify in the code i guess?

    gun_barrel4 etc
    is cool

    is un cool

    it is because you need to label things editor can index it
    with all the other parameters you like to add it conflicting and may lead to bugs
    or a crash due to the fact it may not be recognised or index correctly ? not a coder lolz

    second point get a e-book on “how to label for dummy’s and you would not have a problem in first place and i hope it helps you to an understanding if you don’t know how to lable.


      Thank you for your reply.

      I could replace very square brackets in my files name by underscore, but I would prefer to avoid this solution.

      My post wasn't about my naming convention itself, but about the compatibility with special characters when exporting/importing files.


        No one else has ever deal with this kind of problem? Or maybe am I posting in the wrong section?


          I'm currently by passing this issue using '_' instead of the special characters I would like to use. Does anyone have a suggestions about this problem?