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Fractured chunks disappear after second explosion

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    Fractured chunks disappear after second explosion

    Hi all,

    I'm using the RB_RadialImpulseActor multiple times to trigger various explosions on a fractured wall. When the second RB_RadialImpulseActor is activated the chunks that were blown out from the first RB_RadialImpulseActor disappear, and so on.

    How can I let the chunks from the previous explosion stay?


    Nobody any ideas? Still haven't figured it out.


      I myself would know about less than you but then let’s look at what possibilities could be before looking for a solution .to
      Understand function fully
      “Animation /life for high Polly count or increase of pollys. Effect performance and so will die to be replaced by others so that the performance is not inhibited by unnecessary pollys count etc.

      1. first damage = animation
      2. Animation has a life /time line
      So is the time line playing threw to fast?
      So Would this have to be extended?

      [if invalid theory]
      Try using a partial stream to play the mesh on the floor, triggered by event.
      Presently id just add
      1. a bit off dust[particles] to mask the main effect transition to rubble.
      2. have a trigger from event to unhide rubble mesh on floor one dust has dissipated
      Using dust time line/life as indicator. all that have Debary fly “in static particle ”in the air ,masked in dust “giving allusion of” with a short life.
      And so effect controlled to desired reality threw deception of vfx
      On the other hand theory always sounds good
      I don’t know there may be easier ways but end of day its about P- count and you find most things have be optimised for performance quality and what you are trying to achieve in truth is just i pipe dream that looked good in theory and in reality well you need to flush.