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Viewport glitch on June version of UDK?

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    Viewport glitch on June version of UDK?

    Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this issue, on the latest release (2011-06) when my viewport is maximized and I toggle my icon helpers off with the "G" hotkey (lights/fog/etc) I get a vertical foggy line on the far right side of the viewport.

    It's not a monitor thing, it's not an updated driver thing, it's not a build lighting thing. I'm including some screenshots to give you a better idea of what to look for, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    This first image looks correct...

    Now with the icons toggled off, we see the blurry yellow line on the far right...

    Here's one with detail lighting mode on which may show a bit better...

    So I take it I'm the only person who's experiencing this? return of the BUMPasaurus.