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Help importing a Static Mesh

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    Help importing a Static Mesh

    Hello to everyone

    I am creating a new level, and for that reason I have modeled a weapon (AK47) in maya. Right now I donĀ“t want to export the AK47 as a weapon, just as a static mesh. When I export it from maya, everything goes fine, but when I try to import the ASE file in UDK a message appears that says:

    "Model has too many faces for collision. Only the first 65535 faces will support collision. Consider adding extra materials to split up the source mesh into smaller chunks"

    And after that message, just half of the mesh is imported

    My question is: What can I do to import the mesh succesfully?

    And if I have to reduce the faces, how can I do that in maya?

    Can somebody help me with this?