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I need the ******* weapon!!!

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    I need the ******* weapon!!!

    You know, playing FPS without gun is like running without legs! So, I ran into a big problem in new 2011 06 UDK update: I dont know how to take a weapon. When I‘m taking rifle from UT_WeaponPickupFactory gun doesn‘t show, however I can hear picking sound and a message pops out where I can see the gun name. Any idea, how can I get a weapon?

    By the way I faced with other really annoying problem with Prefabs: One of UDN dukuments about Prefebs is saying to my that I can edit prefab by cliking a P icon in toolbar, but I can‘t find it. So where is that P icon? And please don't say that converting a prefab to normal actors is the only way to solve this problem.

    Please, guys answer as quikly as possible, because after 1:30 h I wont see internet for three weeks and dont ask why!

    have you tried making your levels gametype to UTDeathmatch !!!!