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Help with Int divide & control stick

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    Help with Int divide & control stick

    Hi all,

    I posted a similar thing on the ios forum but got no response so hopefully somebody will be able to help me here. I have a couple of questions that I am struggling to find answers for and was hoping somebody on here would know the answers...

    1. I have a set number of objects (currently 6) in my level for the character and each time one is collected I have an on screen counter (using draw text) that is updated via an add int function in kismet. I would like to have a second on screen display that shows the percentage of the objects collected.
    The maths is simple so if the player has collected 3 then 3/6*100=50% but I am not sure how to get this working in Kismet? I was hoping to use a divide int for the first part and then a multiply int to multiply that result by 100 and turn it into a percentage. I tried this but couldn't get anything to show on screen but a 0?

    2. I am using the jazz control method but I have hit a snag when testing in the mobile editor: when testing I am using the mouse to 'grab' the stick and mimic input, but because the stick is in the bottom left corner there isn't a lot of room for the mouse pointer to go much further down or left so the ball never picks up much speed when travelling in these directions, if I choose to make him go up or right then he speeds up dramatically as the mouse pointer can move all the way to the top or right of the mobile editor window. Is this just a mobile editor issue and will all the speeds be the same when used on the ios device?

    Thanks in advance