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Converting BSP to Static Meshes: Worthwhile?

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    Converting BSP to Static Meshes: Worthwhile?

    Hello. As a level designer/environment artist (whatever you want to call a mapper, really) transferring from the Hammer World Editor/Source Engine to the UDK, I'm very used to BSP and generally doing all my level design work from the level editor portion of the SDK's. However, I've noticed that modular static meshes are sort of the "unreal way" of doing things, however, as of right now, I have no experience with any 3D modelling program. I have noticed one can convert BSP to a static mesh, and I am just wondering the pros and cons of doing it. Any help or advice would be appreciated, outside of learning to model, of which I plan on attending classes very soon. Thank you in advance.

    Well converting bsp into static meshes isn't really the best way to do it, you end up with messy texture and lightmap uvs and with wasted polygons in general and you cannot have smoothing groups using bsp.

    a couple of benefits of models over bsp would be instancing (use the same model over and over but only load it into memory once), also models can have LOD and can be set to dissapear at a specific distance or to be removed alltogether at a different detail setting.

    use bsp for simple things, filling in gaps between meshes, maybe as a floor here and there, or for making a simple gameplay mock-up of your map. I think it would be in your best interest to become familiar with a modelling program.