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Very bad quality lightning and shadow over Terrain.

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    Very bad quality lightning and shadow over Terrain.

    Hello friends,

    I am just working on a terrain I just created. Thing is, so far everything so far worked well, make it skylight or dominant directional light. Here is a lamp with the dominational light making a nice shadow over it.

    Here the problem starts, I add a point light close to the lamp post, you see the quality is still very acceptable before I build the lightning of the map.

    And this is what I get after building light. It's quality is obvously bad, also in game the point light does not create any player shadow at all and the lightning is worse on the terrain compared to "before-build view".

    I was wondering, how can I fix this problem? I tried to work around some properties but I just couldn't find why a point light would be so bad quality on build while dominant is completely great.

    Thanks in advance!

    So my question is, how can I make the point light shadow and lightning

    Did you play with Point Light Component / Shadow Falloff Exponent? It controls the fuzziness of shadow.