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cameras in matinee are freaking out!

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    cameras in matinee are freaking out!

    Hi guys,

    so when i set key frames for a camera in matinee and play them everything seems fine. But when I save the project or work on something else and come back it just randomly animates somewhere else and even adds random rotations!

    I've tried deleting the cameras that are having this problems and putting in new ones with new key frames and stuff but I've got no dice on that.

    This is severely hindering my workflow and I can't for the life of me figure it out!

    Any fixes??

    Thanks in advance for checking out the post.

    Anyone?? I'd really appreciate some help here.


      I found some past versions of Unreal, particularly the UT3 version were really finicky in Matinee. I don't have the same problems anymore in the latest versions of UDK. Before, if I changed a camera's position at a keyframe, the camera would go nuts. Nowadays this no longer happens.

      So my point is I guess, are you up to date on your build?


        This may or may not relate to your problem.

        I was having similar issues with camera animation in matinee and I figured out that the first frame (0) in camera animation cannot be changed in matinee. You need to position the camera where you want the frame 0 to be and then create the matinee track. If you want to change the frame 0, you need to delete the track and recreate it.

        If you attempt to change the first frame in matinee, it seems to work fine while you work on it. But once you save it and come back, first frame moves back to the original position when the track is created and relatively positions all other key frames with it. Kinda giving you the same effect that you're having.


          What was said above is untrue. All you need to do to reposition frame 0, is to close out of matinee and move the camera. The camera's pivot point is used for frame 0. Doing so however will affect your entire animation. If the camera moves 64 units forward and you change the cameras position, it will still move 64 units forward. So technically, the animation is identical, but the keyframes will be in different locations.