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Some questions about "on-rail" sequences...

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    Some questions about "on-rail" sequences...

    Hello everyone,

    During the process of dreaming up a this new project of mine, the question of adding an on-rails section to a level came to mind. If I wanted to make, say, the train level from gears 1, where would I start? I'm really drawing a blank on how I could approach this.

    How could I get the environment to pan? Would the 'train' be static, and the environment moves, or would it be the other way around? I could always try a 2D setup by locking the camera and panning a texture, but that would be lame in the context of my idea... that, plus games like gears or bulletstorm look way cooler!!

    Also, would this involve streaming?

    Any insight would be appreciated and sorry if this was asked before, alas my search only yielded info on streaming!


    It depends on what you're doing. Are you planning on having the character able to move around like on the train, but of course have the train moving as well?

    Also, is it a scripted event where everything happens at a certain time (like in Bulletstorm with the big wheel) or like with Gears of War where the you can stay on there for however long you want?


      If you have UT3 you can download the community bonus pack vol 4 and check CDOM-CBP3-Velocity - that is two trains on parallel tracks that move through four environment types. Basically everything in the background are movers - four different background sections that recycle themselves and tunnels.

      There are physics volumes to sweep the player away if they jump off so it looks like the train was moving, and they can also hit the walls etc that move past.


        Yeah, I was going for something like gears 1.

        I know it's blasphemy, but I don't have UT3... but that will soon change!

        Thanks for the advice though!