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How do I repeat a Particle Effect?

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    How do I repeat a Particle Effect?

    Hi Guys,
    I am just getting into Cascade and I am following some tutorials.
    I have created a spark and bullet effect but I would like to repeat it to show it for my portfolio.

    I have a video I have done that show it working when I press play, but only once.

    Do I set the preferences in the main UKD by double clicking on the particle, or do I have to go into cascade and change all the settings so that the particle repeats?

    Thanks in advance.

    for recording the fx will want to create a Matinee in Kismet.

    there are a few thing can do to create a nice looking render:

    Remove HUD
    in Kismet create Event> Level Loaded , connecting to Action>Toggle>toggle Hud off , with Variable>Player>Player .

    create Matinee with Particle Track
    this tutorial goes over toggling particles on and off in matinee

    have it trigger multiple times or the matinee set to looping in kismet

    Render to frames
    this is the best way to render from udk , fraps or any screencapture results in low framerate .

    i find a good way is to create a shortcut of the udk.exe on desktop , then right click > Properties and have the target line hold the mapname and render commands.

    it will run slow because the command -benchmark is telling it to take its time and render each frame completely. so can get into a good position to view the fx . after , the screenshots will be located in C:\UDK\UDK-2010-05\UDKGame\ScreenShots and are numbered so can be imported into video editing software like After Effects or Premiere , or alternatively ffmpeg

    hope that helps ! , is a lot tho i think it will help showcase the fx youve made. and if youve picked up the cascade in that short amount of time think will have no problems with kismet and matinee.


      Thanks CorvaenOboros.
      Much appreciated.



        Hi CorvaenOboros,

        I am nearly there...
        I have done the hidden hud, thanks.

        I have created the matinee, set it to looping and it playes fine in the editor when I press play, but it does not show when I press Alt+F8 in the main window?

        I think I as missing a 'play' input?

        Also, how to I enter the command box to render the frames?

        Thanks again, the Kismet feature is pretty cool.


          Done it, thanks.