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Is "Arithmetic between float and float3 is undefined" necessary ?

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    Is "Arithmetic between float and float3 is undefined" necessary ?

    ( It looks like the UDK Forum Maintenance somehow ate this thread - was there a rollback ? Anyway, i'm remaking it for the sake of having this concern be visible )

    I'm getting the material error of "Arithmetic between types float and float3 is undefined" quite often, and was wondering if this is actually really necessary.

    From what i know, HLSL actually does define what happens if you for example multiply a float and a float3, it will just multiply all of the values of the float3 with the float.
    This even works in ye olde ARB_Programs.

    This makes it seem as if the error is just some limitation of the material node system, and not something that actually makes sense as far as the generated shader-code is concerned.

    It's an annoyance that currently has to be worked around - is there any chance that this will be "fixed" in the future ?