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What are the bare minimums to package a game?

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    What are the bare minimums to package a game?

    Hi, new to UDK. I wanted to know what are the minimum requirements to package a game. I have models I have in 3ds max, I've had some problems with importing some content, and content that will import pops up an error but continues to import. My goal right now is to create an environment that a character can walk around in first person, no gun, or crosshairs. I've done a little research on kismet, is that essential to creating a packaged game?

    Well to create a package for you to distribute with the bare min. requirements wouldn't be that hard and as far as i remember wouldn't require any kismet although for the slightly trained eye it would scream UDK allover the place (not that it's a bad thing).

    But i guess you would have to setup some kind of menu system, change some ini's, new icons and fool around a bit with unrealscript/kistment to actually create something you would call your own "package".

    You gotta consider UDK as a template for a finished game rather then a game creation tool when setting up your own package. So basically, it's ready to be packaged but it's hardly _your_ own package.