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Material Counter Problem

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    Material Counter Problem


    I have been following the old 3D Buzz materials on creating a material counter (

    The basic idea is so I can add a digital minute counter to my level in the form of a material. This increments via a 3 part masked single material that flickers across with the combination of a floor expression and a scalar parameter; so I can talk to it via a Kismet Matinee sequence.

    So far, I have tested the scalar increments via a 'materialinstanceconstant', and they increment fine. However, as soon as I plug the material instance into Matinee using a float material parameter it just doesn't do anything.

    Matinee Sequence

    I have checked the parameter names and they match the material's, and the material's scalar values do change the material. So it must be the Matinee sequence, but I can't figure out what's wrong.

    Any ideas? Has there been any feature removals within the Matinee in coherence with materials?

    Thanks in advance,


    This should have probably gone in the Programming & Unrealscript forums.

    Apologies if that was the case.


      Don't worry, I've figured it out now.

      For those who didn't know, you can't apply material scalar configurers through a BSP when using Matinee, it has to be a static mesh.