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Unreal Cascade Problems - Disappearing/Collisions

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    Unreal Cascade Problems - Disappearing/Collisions

    I've been having a bit of trouble with Unreal Cascade :

    Problem #1, Whenever I move the camera away from the center of the particle system, the entire particle system disappears, this really gets to be a problem once you run a large particle system.

    Problem #2, Nomatter what i do, there does not seem to be any collision on the meshes when using Mesh Data. Could someone perhaps point me to a tutorial, guide or perhaps something in the UDK content where it's working?

    I've tried searching the forum but nothing seemed to show up although i might have been using the wrong keywords.

    If you need any other information, just ask! Thanks in advance!

    #1: open your emitter properties (F4) in the editor and change the "Seconds Before Inactive" from 1 to like 5000.
    #2: It's an emitter and wont have collision unless you add some. Look at the rain splash emitter that comes with UDK. If you want collision you have to add it, just like your emitter "Size By Life" or "Initial Rotation" or anything else.


      #1 Sadly it didn't work out, I've included two screenshots here to make sure that we talking about the same thing. (please note that the asteroids on the first picture isnt actually related, those are handplaced).

      This is a screenshot where the center of the emitter isnt in the camera :

      And this is a screenshot where the center of the emitter is in the camera view :

      #2 Yep, I've been through almost every option in the Collision Module but with no success. Could there perhaps be some kind of option that needs to be clicked on when it is meshdata?


        Ah, I've found a solution to my personal #1 problem :
        The first emitter was based on the "orbit" module and adding another emitter based on the "Cylinder" module apparently gives a wider particle system resulting in it staying for a longer time. I don't know if that can help others but it works for my project.


          sorry, had this problem too and I didnt solve it yet
          jpvg can you post a screen of your Cascade ?