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Animate spawned skeletal mesh problem

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    Animate spawned skeletal mesh problem

    Hi guys,

    I have a skeletal mesh that is being spawned through an actor factory and i have an animSet with a single animation that i would to use in that mesh.

    The problem is that when the mesh is spawned it's completely still, without animation even though all the parameters from the Actor Factory action appear to be well configured.

    I noticed that if i drag&drop the mesh to level from the content browser and configure it, two bools appear in the animation setup, Playing and Looping, which i have to check in order to run the animation.

    I tried to modify these parameters in the spawned mesh using the Modify Property action but it remains still. I really don't know if I'm configuring correctly the Property Name / Value of these actions.

    Could anyone give me an hint on what is missing? And how do i configure the Modify Properties Action correctly?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    My best regards

    Ok i came up with a solution. Dunno if it's the most correct (not certainly the most efficient ) one.
    After the Actor Factory spawn occurs i placed an matinee with an Anim Control Track and it worked fine.