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Help - Vehicle/Damage - Shield/Material

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    Help - Vehicle/Damage - Shield/Material

    Hey to all,

    I was wondering if anyone had tips as to where I could find the files (material as well Kismet I would guess) in which they show me how the vehicles "Shields" work.

    For example, using my standard Green/White rifle, I can recharge the vehicles health, but I'm curious as to what files and how it works. Any tips?

    Also, anyone could tell me how the HUD Damage indicator works? I found the material and took a look at it, but am confuzzled. The material is pretty simple, doesn't have a Custom HLSL, and is just a bunch of Alphas and Rotations nodes stacked under a simple scheme, which didn't help me in understanding how damage in relation to position works since I can't find the offset base that indicates or tells me from which direction the damage is coming in the first place (they might be using Cascade? Wouldn't make sense for resource management however).

    Cheers to and ciao.

    Well I would assume everything related to the HUD and vehicle shields is programmed in UnrealScript. If you intend to modify any of it, you should start learning
    I personally haven't started on it yet, but later on down the road I might be able to help.